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Hacked MyFitnessPal data goes on sale on the Dark Web – one year after the breach

The Weekly Cypher is curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in biometric and cybersecurity news. Here are a few headlines you may have missed this week.

Hacked MyFitnessPal data goes on sale on the Dark Web – one year after the breach | Fortune

The MyFitnessPal app disclosed a data breach last year affecting as many as 150 million users. Now, some of those stolen credentials are popping up for sale on the dark web. Not only is data from Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal, a diet and exercise community, being offered, but hackers also have their hands on credentials from 15 other websites.

Millions affected by 500px data breach | Security Boulevard

Online photography network 500px has forced a password reset for all users after revealing this week that it suffered a data breach last summer. The site claimed that the incident, which it believes occurred on around July 5 2018, was not discovered until last week, when its engineering team “became aware of a potential security issue affecting certain user profile data.”

Massachusetts considers bill to limit facial recognition | Government Technology

Facial-recognition systems are getting more use to nab criminal suspects, thwart security threats and prevent fraud, but the technology is fueling debate over privacy. A bipartisan group of Massachusetts lawmakers wants to put the brakes on use of facial recognition and other biometric systems by the state and local law enforcement until there are rules for its use.

70% of consumers want biometrics in the workplace | Dark Reading

Many consumers have been using some form of biometrics on their smartphones in their personal lives for several years. Now a new survey indicates that 70% of them want to use biometrics at work, too. Respondents cited speed (35%), not having to remember passwords (33%), and security (31%) as the main reasons for looking favorably on biometric authentication.

CaixaBank rolls out ATM facial recognition| Financial Times

Customers of Spain’s CaixaBank can now use their faces instead of personal identification numbers to withdraw money from some ATM’s.According to the bank, this is the first such system in the world to do so. However, while this technology is new to banking, versions of facial recognition technology have been tested across the financial industry for years.

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