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IAM (Identity and Access Management) platforms are the foundations for user management across an organisation. IAM platforms are available from many vendors, from Microsoft with Active & Azure Active Directory, OKTA, PING, Forgerock enabling identity creation and management for employee and customer use cases.

In recent times we have seen extensions of the default offering from many IAM vendors to provide MFA capabilities to their customers. Microsoft deliver this with Microsoft Authenticator, OKTA with their Verify offering and PING with PINGID. These capabilities are often delivered as an optional add on to a customer subscription and are available in many formats, from OTP (One Time Password) to phone biometric sensors.

While these solutions bring value and additional security to customers for user authentication, they are often limited in their capability to deliver MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) to an entire application stack. Enterprise organisations typically have complex and bloated application stacks, from Windows end points, VPN access, Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft, each service could potentially be controlled by a different IAM platform.


Increased Security for VPN


If you are looking at MFA solutions as an option from your existing MFA vendors, you should consider all of the use cases that a solution needs to be applied to, often there is a shortcoming in these embedded solutions which limits the scope of which services the IAM vendor can protect with their MFA offering.

Veridium have taken a holistic view to user authentication, delivering a capability to deliver modern, strong, password-less authentication to all applications and services delivered by organisations today. Additionally, our Omnichannel approach delivers a single consistent secure user experience across any device or network.

Veridium Increases Return
From IAM Investments

VeridiumID is an open platform and can be integrated into Windows, Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft, SaaS, VPN, IAM and other applications with a simple configuration change to a customer environment, even legacy applications can be secured using Veridium technology.

Furthermore, Veridium provides intelligent authentication, taking contextual information from a user, such a location or behaviour, this data can even be passed to IAM Platforms to further enhance security and meet regulatory compliance for certain sectors.

Removing passwords actually increases security for organisations by eliminating the capability to share credentials or perform brute force attacks on infrastructure, additionally phishing emails are irrelevant since the user has no password to replay to the attack.


Best User Experience with
Top-Notch Security


By definition, strong authentication is 2 factors, using a mobile phone + your biometric provides those factors and allows organisations to eliminate costly and cumbersome token OTP technology while improving user experience.

Veridium delivers world class security with an exceptional user experience, proving that security does not have to be delivered at the expense of user experience and at a lower operational cost than traditional MFA offerings and can be applied to an organisations entire application stack.


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