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It’s Time to Lay Passwords to Rest

Week after week another company is added to the growing list of massive data breaches. Your data, my data, everyone’s data is out there now – there is no turning back. You might think the rumors about the death of passwords are nothing but gossip, but they truly are the weakest link in securing your online identity and it’s time to let them go!

Time to Let Passwords Die

If the fact that all your personal data is floating out there on the Internet hasn’t convinced you, then you should stop reading now. Passwords are no longer enough to protect our identities online. I hope this isn’t a surprise to anyone.

In the past six years, 112 billion dollars have been stolen through identity fraud due to compromised credentials. It’s not rocket science to see why, when the passwords you use are “password” or your dog’s name plus your birthday. This problem is only going to get worse as we put more of our identity data online. The opportunities for fraud and identity theft will rise unless people finally let passwords die and move on to better authentication methods.

It honestly doesn’t even matter if you think you’re being clever when you turn “fido” into “3!d0.” If a hacker has the right tools, they will be able to reconstruct or circumvent your passwords. If you are still wedded to the idea of passwords, try changing them frequently or using a password manager. But, of course, the password manager can also be hacked.

Passwords as an authentication method should be buried six feet under by now, but shifting user habits and creating widespread adoption of new authentication technology takes time. When they do eventually die, let’s be sure they never get resurrected. I, for one, would not like to know what a password zombie is.

One Door Closes, Another Opens

If you are serious about security (and why wouldn’t you be?) you need to try something else. Many consumers are opting for different authentication methods, like biometric authentication.

We can already see how people are becoming more comfortable with using biometric authentication in place of passwords, as the technology is integrated with more smartphones, airport security checkpoints, hospitals, etc.

So say it with me: It’s time to let passwords go! Put those poor overused strings of text to rest where they belong – in the graveyard of failed authentication methods.

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