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Avoid Complex Customer Login Experience

Organisations have a challenge to deliver a single consistent user authentication experience when providing user access to services and information. The simplest form of authentication is typically mobile applications, using nothing more than a biometric check as an alternative to passwords and/or PIN’s provides exceptional user experience and increased levels of security for the organisation and customer.

However, outside of the mobile experience, the process becomes more complex and creates a user experience with more friction. Accessing the same information from a desktop browser often requires a username and a password and is typically complemented with a token / OTP (One Time Password) technology to add strong authentication to the process.

How to Login Where?

There are scenarios such as call centre access, how does the call centre worker, securely identify an individual on a voice call? This creates a confusing experience for the user, mobile access, desktop access, call centre access all typically have different requirements to validate the identity of the user.

The introduction of biometric sensors on smartphone technology back in 2013 has provided an exceptional user experience to unlock a smartphone with “who you are”. Using your fingerprint or face to unlock your phone and get password-free access to your mobile applications, provides an exceptional user experience, and increased security for users.

Strong Passwordless Authentication
Anywhere with Veridium

Veridium have taken this tried and proven methodology for mobile phone access and extended the capability to use a mobile phone to assert your digital identity beyond the phone. Veridium provide solutions to deliver password-less, strong multifactor authentication into virtually any application or service on any channel.

VeridiumID platform delivers a single, consistent, omnichannel experience for authentication for Mobile, WEB and Call Centre access.

This platform increases security for organisations by eliminating user passwords, users can no longer share credentials or be exposed to brute force or phishing attacks and since the phone + biometric is 2 factors, Veridium deliver strong authentication by default. In addition to increased security, Veridium brings lower operational cost alongside world class user experience for all your authentication requirements.

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