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Identity Verification has been a long-standing challenge for organisations looking to on-board new users and reliably verify the identity of those individuals. Traditionally, when required to provide identity, users have presented themselves in person with a passport or identity card (PhotoID) to a human operator who have used judgement to verify the documents and likeness of PhotoID to the individual.

This legacy process is time consuming and often frustrating experience for users and the process in open to human error and corruption for organisations.

Biometrics are the most reliable form of Identity Verification, using digital processes to match fingerprints or faces eliminates human error / corruption but this typically requires an individual to be present in person to submit their biometric for validation.

Proven and Recognised Innovaton

Veridium 4 FingersTouchlessID technology, provides organisations with a unique and reliable solution to capture user fingerprint biometric data using mobile phone technology. Users can now be reliably and remotely identified through a mobile application by capturing fingerprint data and matching that fingerprint to National fingerprint databases, such as NADRA, RENIEC, AADHARR.

4 FingersTouchlessID technology is a direct replacement for legacy fingerprint hardware scanners and provides many benefits to support organisations KYC (Know Your Customer).
Since 4 FingersTouchlessID is a software product available for smartphones, users can now remotely prove identity, without the need to travel and since Veridium technology is touchless, provides a safer solution than using touch devices particularly during a global pandemic.

Enterprise-Grade ID Verification

Veridium 4 FingersTouchlessID has been independently validated for biometric performance, as well as being validated for interoperability and compatibility with fingerprint data captured on a hardware device.

This technology provides solutions to organisations who require IDV / KYC capability to on-board new users or provide a capability to re-identify individuals for specific use cases, providing innovation, providing a better and safer user experience to their clients.


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