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Working from home has been common practice for many organisations throughout the years, however 2020 has enforced a home working policy for many businesses due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic.

In order to provide secure access to corporate infrastructure from remote locations, VPN technology has traditionally been used to enable users to securely work from anywhere. However, since the VPN connection is from an untrusted network, location and often device, there is a requirement to add increased security for user access, ensuring only valid users are able to establish a VPN session.

Increased Security for VPN


Typically, user authentication for VPN access has been achieved through username and password, complemented with a legacy OTP (One Time Password) technology to increase security. However, knowledge based authentication does not prove identity of the user and presents a significant security risk for organisations.

Veridium provides modern authentication for any VPN solution, delivering strong, multi-factor, password-less user authentication. Eliminating the password for users, removes the friction often associated with passwords and delivers increased security for VPN connections with our single step multi-factor authentication solution, while providing higher levels of identity assertion for organisations.

Eliminate Passwords, Hard Tokens

With no requirement for a password, this means credentials cannot be shared, brute force attacks are eliminated, and phishing emails become irrelevant where passwords are often captured and data compromises occur.

Veridium provide a frictionless, consistent user experience to authenticate users without a password to any VPN solution, including Cisco, F5, Citrix, Pulse Secure, eliminating user frustration of forgotten passwords and expensive calls to the help desk while delivering strong authentication in a single step.

Additionally, Veridium software only solution means no requirements for specific hardware on the end point or virtual desktop. In addition to authenticating the virtual desktop, Veridium will provide modern authentication to the user’s entire application estate.

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