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Security or

Be Aware of Your Risks

Adding increased security in any environment typically adds friction to user experience, making environments more secure often makes it more difficult for users. This is particularly relevant for access to access and applications.

Passwords don’t prove identity, they prove an individual knows a piece of information which is sufficient to gain access to systems. Additionally, for legitimate user access, it is normal human behaviour to set passwords that are easy to remember, so we don’t have to go through the cumbersome and time-consuming process or resetting our passwords.

Enter Biometrics on Mobile

By definition, easy passwords (to remember) are weak passwords and that is why organisations have typically added strong 2FA (2nd Factor Authentication) solutions to add security to the user authentication process, instructing the user to use OTP (One Time Password) technology in addition to their password.

Passwords are one of the biggest calls to help desks and cause user frustration, and OTP technology further complicates and increases the friction for users.

The introduction of biometric sensors on smartphone technology back in 2013 has provided an exceptional user experience to unlock a smartphone with “who you are”. Using your fingerprint or face to unlock your phone and get password-free access to your mobile applications, provides an exceptional user experience, and increased security for users.

Veridium = User Experience + Security

Veridium have taken this tried and proven methodology for mobile phone access and extended the capability to use a mobile phone to assert your digital identity beyond the mobile phone. Veridium provide solutions to deliver password-less, strong multifactor authentication into virtually any application or service that has traditionally challenged for username and password (and OTP).

Eliminating the password actually increases security for organisations by eliminating the capability to share credentials or perform brute force attacks on infrastructure, additionally, phishing emails are irrelevant since the user has no password to replay to the attack.

By definition, strong authentication is 2 factors, using a mobile phone + your biometric provides those factors and allows organisations to eliminate costly and cumbersome token OTP technology while improving user experience.

Veridium deliver world-class security with an exceptional user experience, proving that security does not have to be delivered at the expense of user experience.

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