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2017 Is All About Cybersecurity

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

10 Tech Predictions for 2017 | recode

From a merging of device categories to increasing emphasis on non-tech fields at high-tech companies, recode has made 10 highly probably predictions for 2017. Many of these predictions focus on expanding use of VR and AI, as well as increasing adoption of IoT devices.  No matter how tech companies go into 2017, however, one thing we all know is that security is that innovations are rapidly changing how we view security across all of these areas. [Read More]

Password Reuse the Biggest Security Woe for IT Pros | eSecurity Planet

IT professionals from around the world weighed in on what their biggest concerns this year are, and an impressive 90 percent said password reuse is the biggest threat to security. However, nearly two-thirds said they believe that consumer-focused technologies, like biometrics, may be the answer to these woes, with 52 percent stating they believe we will see a merging of consumer- and enterprise-grade security solutions over the next three years. [Read More]

The Word for 2017 is Cybersecurity | Seeking Alpha

Nowhere on the Internet is safe, and we all need to change our passwords right now. This effectively summarizes much of 2016’s cybersecurity news, but some experts believe 2017 won’t be any different. In a “New York Minute” snapshot of the Internet, John Lohr looks at the amazing amount of data that moves across widely-used online services, including 3.3 million shares on Facebook and 194,064 apps downloaded. But how can we make these activities safer as cyber threats continue to grow? [Read More]

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2017 | Avast

From ransomware to IoT, antivirus and security platform firm Avast has provided its own cybersecurity predictions for the new year. We all know ransomware is bad, but many predict and increase in incidents, as well as a growth in the number of varieties of ransomware we will face. Technologies like machine learning are going to provide bad actors with new ways of infiltrating and infecting our systems, and we need advanced ways to protect ourselves in the cyber landscape. [Read More]

Samsung Looking to Revolutionize Mobile, Again | Patently Mobile

At the end of 2016 Samsung filed a patent for a new smartphone that could revolutionize the mobile industry yet again. The concept shows devices that fold or unroll like scrolls to increase in size. These innovations could marry the carrying convenience of a smartphone with the expanded usability of a tablet, and both would integrate advanced biometric sensors for improved authentication. [Read More]

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