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Beyond Facial Recognition and Into the Stars

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. Here are a few of the headlines you might have missed this week.

Facial Recognition Tech for Galaxies | Universe Today

While consumer tech companies are duking it out on who can get the most data breaches without telling its users, scientists are gazing at the skies with biometric recognition tech. Classifying galaxies can be hard when captured images are only a few pixels wide. With the help of machine learning algorithms used at the heart of facial recognition, this tech is now being used to analyze images of galaxies to understand their formation and evolution.  [Read More]

E-Passport to Ease Travel for Ugandans | Daily Monitor

Airports around the world have embraced biometric authentication in their boarding and verification processes. Uganda, however, is looking to the future by issuing e-passports equipped with biometric features. Jacob Siminyu, spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, writes that Ugandans will not only have a shorter wait time at the airport they will also have enhanced privacy and security through the e-passport.  [Read More]

Smiling Gets You a Discount at Cashierless Store | Branding in Asia

Similar to Amazon’s brick and mortar cashierless grocery store concept popping up in major cities in the US, Alibaba recently opened “Futuremart.” Once a person walks in, facial recognition technology or other apps identify them. As they leave, RFID technology and the same facial recognition tech confirms their purchases, making grocery shopping completely cashierless. The best part? If you’re smiling as you’re walking out the store, the “Happy Go” happiness meter will give you a discount. [Read More]

Yahoo Receives $35 Million Fine From Data Breach | The Verge

Altaba, the container for Yahoo’s remains, agreed to pay fines for not disclosing a data breach while under investigation. While you may applaud the SEC for fining this major corporation, the fine came not because of poor cybersecurity or lack of disclosure to Yahoo’s users, but because Yahoo failed to report the data breach to its investors. Yahoo’s other parent company, Verizon is still under investigation for possible ties to the data breach. [Read More]

Google Fights Privacy Law As Facebook Apologizes | Investopedia

Is Illinois’ Privacy Law too strict? Google thinks so. As Facebook continues to apologize after the Cambridge Analytics data scandal, Google continues to fight biometrics regulations in the state of Illinois. Maybe it was after Illinois residents couldn’t find their art twin on Google Art & Culture that Senator Bill Cunningham decided that his citizens needed to be included in the fun and security biometrics can bring. Cunningham continues to look for a compromise between Google’s lobbyists and his citizens. [Read More]

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