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Biometric Tech Expands While Consumer Trust Grows

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

Identity Data Stolen Within 10 Minutes After Leaked Online | CNN

A recent study by the FTC found that it takes just nine minutes for cyber thieves to hone in on personal data when it’s shared online. Using 100 face consumer accounts, researchers posted a collection of data on each “identity” to a popular site for stolen credentials and saw hacking attempts using the leaked data a mere nine minutes later. This showcases how quickly hackers will pounce on personal data, and how tenacious they are to turn a profit from it. [Read More]

UK Leading World in Biometric Banking Tech | Biometric Update

A recent report by HSBC found that the UK consumers are far more willing to use biometric authentication for their banking. However, across the 11 countries polled, the firm found that just under half of consumers say they trust fingerprint recognition to replace traditional passwords, hinting at a continued uphill climb for biometric banking technology to take off. [Read More]

JetBlue Testing Facial Recognition for Flight Boarding | Financial Times

JetBlue announced this Wednesday that it will be demoing self-boarding procedures using facial recognition next month on certain international flights. The airline will use a camera at the boarding gate that syncs with the US Customs and Border Protection’s passport, visa, and immigration photo database. The technology will be tested on Boston to Aruba flights beginning in June, then expand based on its success. [Read More]

Biometric Security is a Good Start for Combating Credit Card Fraud | Payments Source

MasterCard is one of several credit card providers exploring biometric authentication for card-based transactions, but some are concerned that these efforts don’t go far enough to boost security. Fingerprint spoofing has become much more widely commonplace, some fear, and the firm’s new integrated fingerprint sensor on the credit card itself could be a prime target. However, fingerprint-based security is stronger than passwords and PINs, researchers agree – we just need to pair it with other security solutions to optimize safety. [Read More]

Dual Biometrics May Be the Answer to Authentication Woes | Computerworld

Replacing passwords with biometrics is a good step forward for security, but as presentation attacks, or “spoofing,” becomes easier for some of these technologies, security experts say we need to embrace using more than one biometric at a time. Dual biometric authentication could help address concerns over mobile fingerprint spoofing while adding additional degrees of security for multi factor authentication systems. Some firms are even developing ways to capture multiple biometrics at once to simplify this process. [Read More]

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