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Biometrics on the Move

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. Here are a few of the headlines you might have missed this week:

New Data Breach Bill Requires Prompt Reporting | PYMNTS.com

The reporting ethics for data breaches are inconsistent and hazy, but in the wake of recent massive breaches, US legislators are taking a stand to codify them. Three senators introduced a bill called the Data Security and Breach Notification Act. This bill states that any individuals who know about a data breach have to report it within 30 days; otherwise, they could face time in prison. [Read More]

Shanghai’s Subway to Integrate Biometrics | South China Morning Post

Shanghai has one of the busiest public transit systems in the world. In an attempt to make commuting more efficient, the city’s public transit system will be using biometrics. Customers will use voice recognition to plan itineraries and order tickets, and a facial recognition system will verify passenger information. The ambitious move isn’t a surprise, particularly considering the Chinese government’s broader effort to invest in AI. [Read More]

Feline Facial Recognition | Windows Central

Windows IoT Core, the smallest version of Windows 10, can be used to make a facial recognition system access system for your cat. Microsoft released the project on its official YouTube page. The basic premise is that a camera is attached to a motion sensor activated cat door, and when the animal approaches, the camera captures a few frames of its face. The images are then processed, and access is only granted to your four-legged roommate.  [Read More]

Marketing and Cybersecurity | Forbes

Marketing and cybersecurity are two words that aren’t often associated with each other. However, according to Juliette Rizkallah, they’re more intertwined than one would expect. Rizkallah argues that marketers intersect with cybersecurity in three main ways: They are the targets of threats, their tools open up security risks, and they can educate others about cybersecurity. Perhaps everyone would benefit if the two were more integrated. [Read More]

Gathering Clouds | FindBiometrics

Acuity Market Intelligence predicts that by 2022, over 70 percent of biometric transactions will take place in the cloud. Acuity also projected that 5.5 billion biometrically-enabled mobile devices will be in use by then. According to Acuity’s founder, Maxine Most, “the big payoff comes from cloud, or server-side biometrics, that simplify authentication and reduce friction while linking an individual to a device and platform independent Unique Verifiable Identity (UVI).” [Read More]

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