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Cybersecurity Knowledge Low as Cyber Attacks Worsen

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

Who Owns & Manages Cybersecurity is Critical | Forbes

We often talk about deploying improved cybersecurity solutions, eliminating passwords, embracing biometrics, etc., but it’s also important to spend equal time discussing who owns and manages the cybersecurity strategy within any organization. In a recent interview, Holly Rollo, CMO of RSA, discussed the difficulty of assigning ownership of security within any company, and how the evolution of cybersecurity technology forces a variety of roles to be involved in its management. [Read More]

Professionals Willing to Sell Passwords for Pennies | Forcepoint

Your company’s security may be in worse shape than you think. We all know that employee passwords are the weakest link in enterprise cybersecurity, but we may not have known to what degree until now. A recent Forcepoint poll found that 14 percent of workers would be willing to sell their login credentials, nearly half of them for less than $250. What’s worse, is that 32 percent also said they are unaware of the potential consequences of a data breach. [Read More]

Pew Research Finds Cybersecurity Knowledge Lacking Across US | Forbes

Pew Research reported on the findings of its cybersecurity knowledge quiz from last week, with saddening results. According to the data, respondents aged 18 to 49 answered only six questions correct on average, with those aged 50 to 65+ only getting five correct. The firm did find that the number of correct answers increased with the respondent’s level of education, however. The highest number of incorrect answers focused on botnets, while the majority of people who took the survey could correctly recognize a secure password or what a phishing email looks like. [Read More]

The Cost of Cyber Attacks Is Rising Rapidly | Computer Weekly

Financial services firms are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars for every cybersecurity incident that occurs. Kaspersky Lab and B2B International recently surveyed a number of high-profile financial professionals in the UK, discovering that many are seeing massive losses for each attack on their organization, driving 82 percent of firms to increase their IT security spending, and 75 percent considering increased security audits and investments in threat intelligence. [Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Offers Multiple Biometrics for Login | Mashable

Samsung recently revealed its upcoming flagship smartphone, with plenty of new features to impress, but some are confused about the device’s new biometrics features. A reporter at Mashable covered the device reveal and new features, noting that it’s great that Samsung increased their screen real estate and eliminated the home button, but was confused by why Samsung would offer multiple biometric options for unlocking it. The obvious reason is to provide users with choice, but also to enable the burgeoning field of biometric authentication and provide iris recognition for its customers, a feature Samsung sought to pin down with the Note 7 but was forced to wait on due to the phablet’s manufacturing flaws. [Read More]

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