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Data Privacy, Biometrics, and Strong Authentication

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

Mobile World Congress 2017 Predictions | Information Age

Information Age listed several hopes and predictions for this year’s mobile industry supershow, including the desire for a strong focus on 5G. From improved on-demand connectivity to the consumerization of biometrics, their predictions largely came true, with many announcements and new technologies focused on these develops at this year’s show. MWC 2017’s theme was “The Next Element,” and many would say it lived up to that tagline. [Read More]

Six Biometrics We’ll All Be Using Soon | The Merkle

As biometric and mobile technologies continue to evolve we’re going to see a large influx of biometric use in our daily lives. The Merkle highlights six of the most prominent biometrics and how they will infiltrate our day-to-day in the near future. Their list includes fingerprints, iris, retina, face, voice, and hand geometry. Are you ready for the rise of biometrics? [Read More]

Strong Authentication Necessary for Digital Security | Credit Union Times

American do an ever-increasing amount of their shopping online, including banking, and as such we need stronger authentication to secure our digital financial transactions. Security Experts from across the United States agree that the deployment of multi factor and biometric authentication is a sure way to improve security and provide a strong foundation for cybersecurity in the ecommerce and online banking sector. [Read More]

A Focus on Data Privacy at MWC | CSO

Data privacy has received some special focus at MWC this year, with a panel on protecting consumer data while still leveraging it. Experts from Forrester Research, the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, and Orange discussed the importance of keeping consumer data private, while still using it within your organization to improve the customer experience. There is no excuse for weak data privacy, and plenty of opportunities to use consumer information while protecting them at the same time. [Read More]

New Cybersecurity Rules for NY Banks Begin | DarkReading

New regulations for New York financial institutes went into effect on March 1, highlighting an increased focus on privacy and data security. Many believe they set a solid foundation for basic cybersecurity policy, with a one-year deadline for banks to have a fully deployed program for pen testing, and risk assessment in place, as well as a multi factor authentication solution deployed. [Read More]

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