Evolving Cybersecurity

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

Emerging Mobile Tech Tackling Social Engineering | bobsguide

As identity fraud becomes more sophisticated, new mobile technology is being developed to both fight fraud and eliminate inconvenient mobile banking verification. Research has shown this problem increasing, with a recent report by Agari claiming that three in ten businesses were victims of social engineering-based fraud in 2016. Identifying passwords and SMS codes as weak spots has already allowed security experts to explore new ways of protecting businesses and consumers from fraud. Recent developments between banks, technology providers, and mobile network operators are beginning to strike a balance between sufficient amounts of security that won’t degrade user experience – both critical elements to mobile banking.  [Read More]

2017 Cybersecurity Trends at Black Hat | TechTarget

One of the main topics discussed every year at the Black Hat conference are cybersecurity trends. This year the conversations including machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation and orchestration, security operations and analytics platform architecture, and threat intelligence. Automation and orchestration seem to be the most popular topic, as more than 45 percent of organizations struggle to maintain sufficient amounts of cybersecurity experts. However, machine learning is quickly gaining interest, with 30 percent of security experts claiming to be “very knowledgeable” on the topic. [Read More]

We’re Thinking about Cybersecurity All Wrong | MIT Technology Review

Former President Obama’s top cyber advisor, Michael Daniel, recently shared his thoughts on the state of cybersecurity in the world. Daniel hopes that his new nonprofit, the Cyber Threat Alliance, will increase the strength of America’s cybersecurity by having organizations share data and collaborate on creating new security measures. He belives that the solution to addressing rising security threats is to shrink the cybersecurity skills gap, increase cooperation between private businesses and the public sector, and thinking of cybersecurity more like we do physical security and disaster recovery. [Read More]

How to Make Digital Risk Management Part of Threat Intelligence | IT World Canada

IT risk management is critical to the work of a Chief Insight Officer, but some feel that now IT risk management should be a part of threat intelligence. Adam Meyers, chief security strategist at SurfWatch Labs, recently proposing that IT risk management should become a part of threat intelligence programs. Digital risk management, a term Meyers feels should replace ‘IT risk management,’ should be a part of threat intelligence capability as it helps companies truly understand their most critical areas of risk and how they’re existing capabilities are able to protect them. As threats become more advanced, Meyers believes that collecting data on risks should be as important as collecting data on threats. [Read More]

The ATM is Evolving | Huffington Post

Thanks to improving security technology and identity access management tools, the modern ATM is evolving. Rethinking the ATM to improve security and minimize fraud risk is an important step in helping bank customers feel safe about their money. That’s why more companies are considering biometric authentication as a critical part of tomorrow’s ATM technology. From mobile authentication to built in iris scanners, there’s a lot of work going into these new ATMs, and we’ll likely be seeing them on our street corners sooner than we think. [Read More]

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