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Exploring Innovations in Biometrics

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. Here are a few of the headlines you might have missed this week:

Drug Testing via Fingerprint | CNBC

A team of scientists recently showcased a new paper-based test that can tell if a person has recently used cocaine with just a fingerprint – even if they’ve washed their hands since. The test uses a spectrometer to detect the unique mass of cocaine molecules being excreted through the skin of the testee. The test was 99 percent accurate, and in theory could be used to test for a variety of illicit substances, as well as to ensure patients are taking prescribed medication accurately. [Read More]

Identity Data and GDPR | CSO

The key to GDPR compliance is good customer identity access management (CIAM), CSO reports. For those whose sleepless nights are plagued by the upcoming GDPR deadline, implementing a system that properly, tracks, verifies, and stores customer data is critical. With user consent and data collection minimization in mind, companies have to deploy high-quality CIAM solutions that will protect their data and their customers through de-identification. [Read More]

Your Heart Might be the Next Biometric | Huffington Post

The use of low-level Doppler radar could allow services to accurate measure the dimensions of your heart, allowing for heart recognition (as opposed to heart rate) to be a potential biometric. Researchers at the University of Buffalo see this as a potentially secure way to log into computers. The technology would record the shape, size, and movements of the heart, and the scientists report that no two people have ever been recorded with the same size heart. The team plans to miniaturize the technology next. [Read More]

Bank of America Explores Next Phase of Biometrics | Pymnts

Bank of America is being mindful of keeping user experience at the forefront as it explores the next potential phases for biometrics in banking and payments. The financial services giant is testing how it can utilize iris recognition and other new mobile biometric offerings within its apps through a partnership with Samsung. The bank wants to ensure new technologies like iris and Apple’s Face ID are secure and convenient for customers to use before supporting them. [Read More]

Samsung Ushering in Innovative New Phone | Forbes

On the heels of the iPhone X, Samsung appears to be pushing out it’s own “X” with the Galaxy X. With its Bluetooth and radio certifications under its belt, the Galaxy X is set to “make the innovations of the iPhone X look quaint,” with a folding display. When not in use, owners could fold the device down to half its size, making it much more compact and easy to carry. Though there’s no idea on if the model will include Samsung’s iris recognition and other innovative features, the folding display is likely to make the device popular among those who dislike the larger-sized devices hitting the market. [Read More]

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