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Facial Recognition Going Above and Beyond Traditional Uses

Airport Finds Lost Passengers with Facial Recognition Tech | Business Insider

Rather than having lost passengers running around the airport terminal, facial recognition technology may be able to help them find their departure gates. The newest terminal in Singapore’s Changi Airport already offers facial recognition technology for self-service options at check-in, bag drop, immigration, and boarding. Currently ranked the world’s best airport by air travel consultancy Skytrax, Changi Airport will probably stay at the top with this new biometric system. [Read More]

Mastercard Creates Biometric Scanning Card | KXXV

Now that signatures are no longer required for a Mastercard receipt, Mastercard looks to biometrics to secure its systems. By incorporating a fingerprint scanner into the card itself, Mastercard utilizes fingerprint recognition in innovative ways. When inserted into the chip reader, the card activates and checks the user’s fingerprint. The possibility of hacking this technology is unlikely since it compares the fingerprint to a template stored on the card itself. [Read More]

Forester Utilizes Facial Recognition to Decrease Collisions | Forbes

While Subaru’s new Forester model looks the same as its old model, its technological features have been thoroughly upgraded. Employing advanced facial recognition technology, the Forester can detect who’s in the driver seat and how they’re faring. Scanners identify when drivers are fatigued or inattentive and activate necessary protocols to prevent accidents. It can also detect when a collision is imminent, sound a warning, and automatically activate the emergency brake. [Read More]

Orlando Airport Implements Facial Recognition for All International Flights | State Scoop

All international passengers at Orlando International Airport will soon be verified through a facial recognition system at its terminals. With implementation scheduled to go live in July, the system will require every passenger boarding an international flight to stand for a photo that will be analyzed against a photo saved in the airport’s database, usually pulled from the passenger’s passport or visa. The Orlando airport hopes to reduce wait times to about 15 minutes. [Read More]

Facebook Facial Recognition Finds Missing People | Mashable

While Facebook’s new facial recognition feature has caused widespread unrest for its almost Big Brother-like quality, others have utilized it for good. The Australia-based organization Missing Person Action Network (MPAN) has launched a campaign called Invisible Friends. By adding the profiles of missing persons to the social media platform, Facebook’s algorithm can match pictures of the person to ones across the network. [Read More]

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