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From the Farm to Feds

Biometrics Coming Home to Roost | The Hustle

Certain fowl will be subject to facial recognition. A new program in China allows customers to pre-purchase a chicken and spy on it. For now, about 100,000 organic chickens have been outfitted with GPS anklets that let customers track the chickens’ movements and diets. But the master plan is more ambitious: The goal is to outfit 23 million chickens with the anklets and implement facial recognition so that consumers can monitor “their” chicken’s care. [Read More]

Feds Using Biometrics to Upgrade CAC | Federal News Radio

The Common Access Card – the main form of identification for Department of Defense (DoD) employees – has needed an upgrade for years. Now, the DoD is making tangible moves towards improving the CAC. DoD representatives have confirmed rumors of prospective biometric technology tests and an announcement sometime in January about what direction the biometric program may be going in. And according to experts, biometrics will also offer the DoD exciting possibilities with video analytics and security. [Read More]

Consumers More Open to Biometrics | Security Intelligence

Visa recently published a study where consumers have made it known that they aren’t just comfortable with biometrics – they actually prefer them to passwords. Seventy percent of respondents find biometric authentication to be easier than using a PIN or password, and 61 percent find biometric authentication to be faster than the password-based kind. Consumers are sick of relying on passwords, which means it’s up to enterprises to deliver simple and secure solutions. [Read More]

Unwarranted Access, Warranted Concern | The Moscow Times

According to Elman Mekhtiev, the vice-president of the Russian Association of Banks, “If a person is law abiding then they will have no reason to worry.” But a new law going through the State Duma has many Russian citizens concerned anyway. The legislation would allow the Russian government to access citizens’ biometric data without their consent, allegedly to verify bank account information. [Read More]

Facial Recognition Failing Initial Tests | TechRepublic

Microsoft and Apple both hit the news this past week for failing initial forays into facial recognition. German researchers were able to bypass Windows Hello in the Windows 10 operating system with a printed photo, even with the system’s “enhanced anti-spoofing” feature turned on. In China, Apple was forced to issue a refund to a woman who purchased an iPhone X after a colleague at work was able to unlock the device using Face ID. Furthermore, after calling the company to report the issue, customer support refused to believe her or take action on the report. [Read More]

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