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Global Biometric Efforts See Delays

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. Here are a few of the headlines you might have missed this week.

Australia Cancels Biometric Program | The Sydney Morning Herald

The Australian government has canceled a planned biometrics program to expand its fingerprint and facial recognition capabilities. The project, under contract with NEC Australia, had been plagued by delays and was $40 million over budget when the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission decided to terminate the contract. The Australian government intends to audit the project, contract, and the ACIC’s oversight of it, to determine what went wrong. [Read More]

India Delays Adding Facial Recognition to Aadhaar | ET Telecom

The Unique Identification Authority of India announced it will delay adding facial recognition to the Aadhaar project until August. The functionality was originally planned to go live July 1, but the UIDAI stated it needs more time to have a smooth rollout. The system already supports fingerprint and iris recognition, with face being added to assist users who struggle with these biometrics due to old age, work-worn hands, or other issues. [Read More]

Walmart Awarded Patent for Biometric Blockchain Tech | Planet Biometrics

Walmart recently won a patent for a new system that uses blockchain technology to store patients’ medical data and allows first responders to access it in emergencies. The patent outlines three key technologies: A wearable device that store the data, a scanner that captures the patient’s biometrics to access the wearable, and an RFID scanner that allows emergency responders to scan the device to retrieve the individual’s records. This marks Walmarts first foray into medical, blockchain, and biometric technologies. [Read More]

Satellite Operators Target of Recent Cyber Attack | Data Breach Today

A new cyber-espionage campaign was recently discovered by Symantec, targeting telecom operators, a satellite communications firm, and a defense contractor. The cybersecurity firm warned that the attack was most likely exploratory but may have also set up “bulkheads” to facilitate further attacks. A disruption of satellite communications would affect civilian, military, and enterprise operations around the globe. The attack is attributed to the hacking group Thrip, which may be based in China. [Read More]

Data from OPM Hack Surfaces for First Time | The Washington Post

A woman indicted for filing for fraudulent loans through a federal credit union admitted to using identities of OPM breach victims. This is the first time in the four years since the hack that data has been used, supporting legislators arguments that the victims need lifetime identity theft protection. The data stolen during the breach included Social Security numbers, addresses, security clearance information, and fingerprints. Security experts warn that the fallout of the breach has no end in sight. [Read More]

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