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Identity and Authentication are the Future

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

Mobile Biometric Trends for 2017 | ReadITQuik

In a recent report, Juniper Research predicted that leveraging mobile biometrics for financial transactions would be a key growth trend for 2017. In addition to new technologies supporting mobile biometrics, the addition of iris to new devices, and the inclusion of biometrics in identity and access management, fintech may lead the biometrics market in adoption this year. To learn more about biometric trends for 2017, watch our webinar on the subject. [Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Defeated with a Photo | ArsTechnica

Just days after Samsung revealed its next flagship device, those testing its facial recognition capabilities noticed a massive flaw. Users were able to swiftly spoof the device into unlocking when aiming at another phone that was displaying a selfie. Spanish-speaking Periscope user Marcianophone shows how easily repeatable the process is once you have the phone’s positioning down. Samsung’s official statement is that facial recognition is primarily for convenience, but it offers stronger forms of authentication for advanced security needs. [Read More]

What Cybersecurity Skills Will Dominate in 2025? | Wired

Technology is evolving amazingly fast, and in order to keep up we can’t look at what’s being developed today, we need to anticipate what’s going to happen tomorrow. Wired recently took a look at the cybersecurity skills that we’ll need to tackle the threats of the future, projecting to 2025. These skills included hiring “ethical hackers,” developments in artificial intelligence (AI), and putting focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) as a major threat vector. Many of these were already on our radar, but it’s good to know that the biggest threats of the future aren’t that far off from the ones we see today. [Read More]

Biometrics is the Future of Payment Authentication | EconoTimes

EconoTimes recently took a look at biometric payment authentication, wondering how rapidly the current migration banks are making to biometrics over PINs and passwords will be. The leading factors? Online shopping, online gambling, and wire transfers. According to the report, 81 percent of European consumers said they’d rather authenticate financial transactions with a fingerprint than any other form of authentication. [Read More]

Confusing Identity and Authentication | PYMNTS

Identity, who you are, proved by biometrics, is the best form of authentication, but they aren’t one and the same. According to some industry experts, the words we use to talk about identity may be causing the confusing. Blake Hall, CEO of, noted that we need to make a distinction between identity verification and authentication. Both need to be involved in the process, you should always verify someone’s identity when enrolling their biometrics, but my clarifying the distinction, we can strengthen the foundation of our authentication systems. [Read More]

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