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Improving Cybersecurity with Renewed Focus on Biometrics

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

AI-based Biometrics Advancing Behavioral Authentication | PCWorld

How people type is a leading behavioral biometric, but now improvements to artificial intelligence could make it a more viable form of authentication. Romanian startup TypingDNA is working to develop AI-powered typing pattern recognition that can reach 99.9 percent accuracy, as opposed to existing solutions that only achieve 60 to 70 percent identification accuracy. [Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S8 May Include Rear-Facing Fingerprint Sensor | Digit

Leaked prototype images show that Samsung may include a rear-facing fingerprint sensor on the upcoming Galaxy S8, with an expected release date of March 29. The prototype also showcases an “infinity” display and a “Bixby” button – the name for Samsung’s upcoming personal AI assistant. If these rumors come true, it would mean edge to edge display for the front of the device, with the complete elimination of a home button. This would make the Galaxy S8 one of the first devices with a biometric sensor on the back of the device. [Read More]

Behavioral Biometrics May Be More Secure Than Physical Biometrics | FindBiometrics

New information from NuData indicates that behavioral biometrics may be the technology that pushes biometric authentication ahead of traditional security solutions. The firm has reported that the non-intrusive nature and lack of value to hackers of behavioral data make it much more useful as a security solution that other options. The argument for behavioral biometrics is that they are alterable, unlike fingerprints or iris recognition, significantly reducing the risk of spoofing. [Read More]

Average Cost of Data Breaches Exceeds 20 Percent of Corporate Revenue | Computer Business Review

As hacking evolves and targets become higher profile, more enterprises are seeing the average cost of data breaches exceed 20 percent of their revenues, Cisco reports. According to the firm’s annual cybersecurity report, 40 percent of companies facing a data breach lost about 20 percent of their customers afterward, while 42 percent of organizations lost 20 percent of their business opportunities as well. As hackers become “more corporate,” it is critical for companies to invest in stronger security measures. [Read More]

Cybersecurity Self Defense ‘Cheat Sheet’ | Slate

Slate released a “cheat sheet” on the common cybersecurity mistakes we make, and tools we can use to mitigate disaster. Also included are profiles on some of the leading cybersecurity experts whose advice we should be following, as well as further readings by them and others. This list goes hand-in-hand with the site’s Cybersecurity Self-Defence Class, a new Q&A-style article on some of the quickest ways we can improve our cybersecurity IQ. [Read More]

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