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New Hacks & New Security Protections for Devices

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

US House Bill Includes Radio Among Critical Infrastructure | Radio

Three recently introduced bills focused on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) look to redefine cybersecurity protections and include radio and television broadcasting as part of the nation’s critical infrastructure. These bills would push the FCC to update cybersecurity policies, include IoT devices in these standards, and collaborate with NIST to ensure optimization of security in the face of mounting cyberattacks across the globe. [Read More]

Canadian Airports Deploying Facial Recognition | Planet Biometrics

Canada is to be the next nation to use biometrics in airport security. The Canada Border Services Agency recently announced a plan to deploy self-service border kiosks throughout its major airports by the end of the year, introducing facial recognition to identify travelers and improve national security. The plan will automate traveler risk assessment and reduce airport congestion, the agency reports. [Read More]

Multi-Biometric Authentication is the Future of Banking Security | Bobsguide

Rumors abound that the next step in the evolution of mobile biometrics will be solutions that incorporate multiple biometrics in a single authentication session. From behavioral traits to face, fingerprint, and more, smartphones are capable of capturing a variety of biometrics quickly, which can boost security and ensure compliance with advanced standards and regulations affecting industries like banking. [Read More]

WikiLeaks Publishes Rumored CIA Hacking Documents | CNN Tech

WikiLeaks latest information dump includes documents reportedly used by the CIA that discuss tools and techniques for hacking IoT devices like Smart TVs and encrypted mobile communications apps like WhatsApp. However, many security experts agree that these documents aren’t saying anything new. Sony has been warning consumers not to have private conversations standing near their Smart TVs since 2015, and many of the reports regarding smartphone hacking are misleading – the entire device needs to be compromised for encrypted apps to be made vulnerable. [Read More]

Nest Introduces Two-Factor Authentication | 9to5 Mac

Home automation device manufacturer Nest has been focused on security recently, releasing an update that integrates two-factor authentication for user accounts to all its products. IoT devices have been under fire lately for massive security flaws, and as a leader in this industry, Nest’s update could have a major impact on future IoT cybersecurity initiatives. Massive DDoS attacks last year were made possible due to malware that leveraged unprotected IoT devices. [Read More]

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