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RSA Conference and Beyond

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

New York Department of Financial Services to Incorporate Biometrics | Biometric Update

A recent report notes that the New York Department of Financial Services is planning to implement biometric authentication for banking and insurance security as part of a new cybersecurity initiative. According to the report, several banks have already deployed multi factor authentication solutions that use biometrics, and the rest have until March 1 to update their access management systems to remain compliant. The new rules are meant to better protect customer data by securing access to sensitive internal systems. [Read More]

Your Fingerprint Could Make Your Smartphone LESS Secure | ZDNet

Touch ID is fantastic technology that makes accessing your device and accounts much more secure than a simple password. However, recent legal decisions in the United States could mean that using your fingerprint to lock and unlock your device might be less secure than before. Legal precedence has been set in the US allowing law enforcement officials to require suspects to unlock their smartphones with a fingerprint, while they cannot require a passcode or password to be entered. This is because passwords are protected by the Fifth Amendment, while fingerprints are not. [Read More]

Majority of Americans Have Suffered A Data Breach | Forbes

The Pew Research Center recently performed a study on data breaches, discovering that 64 percent of Americans have experienced a data breach, while only 35 percent were informed that their information was compromised. From email to social security, hackers target a wide array of personal data, leading nearly half of those polled to believe that their personal data is actually less secure today than it was five years ago. [Read More]

Cryptographers Panel at RSA States “We’re Doing It Wrong” | eSecurity Planet

One of the highlights of this past week’s RSA Conference was the annual cryptographers panel. This year discussed a variety of topics, but one of the main points of focus is that right now “we’re doing everything wrong.” The panelists agreed that the measures governments and enterprises are taking today to protect their data are going in the wrong direction, and we need drastic change to protect ourselves from the growing challenges to security that IoT and other expanding technologies represent. [Read More]

Top Technologies Showcased at RSA Conference | NetworkWorld

NetworkWorld highlighted some of the “hottest” technologies being showcased at this year’s RSA Conference, from data mapping to Active Directory biometrics integration with our very own VeridiumAD. [Read More]

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