How Citrix Workspace users can adopt passwordless authentication

You’re back in the office after a holiday and actually looking forward to working. You open Citrix Workspace and are asked for a password. But you don’t remember it. Is it your dog’s name? The model of your first car? After multiple failed login attempts, you reset your password, a laborious process that entails contacting an IT administrator who then contacts your boss. The post-vacation bliss slowly fades as you spend the morning resetting your password.

Now compare that authentication experience to how you unlock your smartphone and access mobile apps. Most likely, you use your smartphone and its biometric sensors. Maybe you touch a fingerprint sensor or use FaceID. What you don’t do is enter a password. And why would you when passwordless authentication provides a faster, efficient experience?

“[Employees] want that personal experience in the enterprise where you can pick up your iPhone, look at it, you’re unlocked,” said Craig Hinchiffe, principal product manager for Citrix Workspace.

Citrix Workspace users, forget your passwords

Citrix Workspace customers can eliminate passwords and provide a seamless authentication experience with VeridiumID. There’s no password to remember or token number to enter for two-factor authentication with VeridiumID. Instead of a password, the platform uses biometrics to authenticate employees, offering a superior log-in experience that’s also incredibly secure

“The only thing you have to do is remember your user name,” said Veridium Chief Product Officer John Spencer. “We take that capability that you know  to unlock your phone and mobile applications and extend it to Citrix Workspace.”

With VeridiumID, the Workspace log-in screen that asks for a user name, password and token number is replaced with a screen that only asks for a user name. Smartphones and biometric sensors are then used to carry out authentication.

“Mobile phones over the last seven years have come with biometric sensors built into them. I want to take that capability that you know and you trust today that unlocks your phone and your mobile applications and extend that to your Citrix Workspace,” Spencer said. 

For smartphones that lack biometric sensors, the phone’s rear camera is used. “If you have an older phone, don’t worry. Veridium can bring biometrics to pretty much any smartphone,” he said. 

Going passwordless with VeridiumID

Here’s how employees can use Veridium ID, which won Best in Show and Best Application, Security at Citrix Synergy this year, for passwordless authentication into Citrix Workspace:

  1. Enter their user name and click push notification.
  2. After receiving a notification on their mobile phone, employees open the VeridiumID app. Employees then enter their biometric to authenticate. That can entail touching a fingerprint sensor or, for some iPhones, using Face ID. The enterprise decides what biometric to use. 
  3.  The VeridiumID server tells Citrix Workspace if the authentication was successful based on biometric validation. Once authenticated, the employees are in Workspace.

Using Veridium for Citrix Workspace removes the password from the authentication process. It isn’t stored anywhere, reducing the security risks associated with using passwords while eliminating costly password resets. Veridium estimates that password resets cost enterprises between $108 and $275 depending on the employee. Typically, passwords resets for executive who use multiple applications and IT administrators costs more than resets for employees who use one or a few apps. And by using Veridium for two-factor authentication, enterprises can stop buying and maintaining tokens, leading to either $24 in hardware savings or $10 in software savings per employee, per year.

“I can take the token out of your organization because Veridium offers two-factor authentication: something you have, the mobile phone, and something you are, your biometric, like a fingerprint or your face,” Spencer said.

Enterprises poised to adopt passwordless authentication

While passwordless authentication is common among consumers, enterprise adoption is expected to increase in the coming years. Microsoft is replacing passwords with biometrics for employee access this year and expects other companies to follow suit within six years. And to encourage enterprise use of biometrics for authentication, the next major Windows 10 release will give people the option of using Windows Hello instead of a password to access Microsoft accounts. 

By 2022, Gartner predicts 60 percent of global companies and 90 percent of midsize companies will implement passwordless methods in more than half of use cases, up from 5 percent in 2018. 

With Veridium, Citrix Workspace customers can start using passwordless authentication now, allowing them to provide employees with a fast, efficient and secure way to authenticate.

Watch this video to see how Veridium brings passwordless authentication to Citrix Workspace.

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