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How to Preserve Privacy in Biometric Systems

More people are using their biometrics every day to unlock their phones, access bank accounts, and secure data. The problem is, as this technology becomes more popular, some people, and companies, are using it without a second thought to privacy. In a world where our photos are accessible online for nearly anyone to access, are we really comfortable using our faces to secure our bank accounts?

Financial institutions are actually leading the charge for biometric authentication when it comes to security, embracing biometric platforms that utilize advanced techniques to protect your data and prevent unauthorized access. That’s not the only privacy concern we should have, though.

If the right platform isn’t being deployed, there isn’t much to stop your bank from accessing the face images you use to unlock your account, and they aren’t the only ones. Biometric systems being deployed in business, government, law enforcement, and beyond need protection against inappropriate use of our biometric data, whether it’s stolen by hackers or leveraged or sold for marketing purposes or to learn personal information about us from the data.

New algorithms can be used to analyze facial recognition images in real time, assessing the health of the subject or to learn other private information not needed as part of the biometric system. No one wants their bank to assess their personal health from the image they use to unlock their banking app. This is why privacy-enhancing biometric templates play an essential role in biometric systems today.

In our webinar “How to Preserve Privacy in a Biometric World, one of the world’s leading biometric scientists, Professor Arun Ross, explores the importance of protecting biometric data, examples of how it can be abused, and systems for improving privacy.

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