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Biometrics Offer a Hopeful Future

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. Here are a few of the headlines you might have missed this week:

Tom Ridge Places Hope in Biometrics | CNBC

At the 15th anniversary of the Department of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, former Homeland Security Chief, reflected on the importance of biometrics in keeping citizens safe. Seeing the emergence of programs like Global Entry and TSA PreCheck using biometrics, he sees a safer future but urges for more research and development in the area. The future in data and physical safety is rooted in biometric security, and Ridges believes that this technology is paving the way for a simpler life. [Read More]

Sierra Leone Brings Blockchain to its Elections | Quartz

On the other side of the pond, Sierra Leone, with the help of Swiss foundation Agora, launched a blockchain-powered voting system to ensure transparency in their presidential election. This powerful tool, complete with biometric authentication software, processed each vote to a public digital ledger which could only be changed by the voter. Sierra Leone’s election commission and Agora hopes to see blockchain used for future elections across Africa. [Read More]

British Airways Expands Biometrics Initiative| NextGov

British Airways is expanding its biometric authentication gateway systems in several US airports. As of last November, LAX, Miami, and JFK airports installed the screening software to start piloting the system. While boarding departments won’t be totally discarded at terminal entrances, the new system expedites boarding and was able to process 400 passengers in 22 minutes. [Read More]

CardLab Brings Biometrics Tech to Thai Card Printer | Find Biometrics

Thai British Secure Printing and CardLab are partnering to integrate biometric technologies on TBSP card products. As the first card printer in Thailand, TBSP will be at the forefront of bringing biometrics solutions to Visa and Mastercard payment cards in the country, and CardLab will be integrating its T-Shape fingerprint sensor module into TBSP’s products. Prototypes of the products are under development but are scheduled to be released in the near future according to TBSP.  [Read More]

Spiceworks Predicts a Future of Biometrics | Infosecurity Magazine

Spiceworks recently polled almost 500 IT professionals in North America and Europe to analyze the group’s current views on the state of biometrics. While these professionals believe in biometrics as a powerful security measure, 90 percent felt the need for a multi factor authentication process. Hesitation on deploying a purely biometrics-based authentication system stemmed from the lack of resources on the vulnerabilities of upcoming biometrics technologies. [Read More]

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