Allianz Embraces Veridium’s Innovative AI driven Mobile Gesture Analytics: A Groundbreaking Partnership Bolstering Cybersecurity and Shaping the Future of Zero-Trust Strategy

We’re ecstatic to reveal that Allianz, a top-tier global insurance provider, has expanded their usage of  Veridium as a  cutting-edge passwordless authentication solution across their vital systems! This expanded partnership underscores our reputation as a reliable security collaborator, as Allianz is now integrating Veridium’s Mobile Gesture analytics-based risk signals, (similar to User Behavior Analytics (UBA) but better as it leverages not only the data generated by the human interaction but also the unique electronic sensor signature) throughout their enterprise. 

This groundbreaking alliance between Veridium and Allianz involves weaving these risk signals into a more comprehensive cybersecurity stance, empowering anomaly detection across the entire organization, and serving as a cornerstone for Allianz’s zero-trust strategy. 

Our team of industry veterans are excited to collaborate closely with Allianz, unlocking fresh avenues for growth, innovation, and long-term success for both companies!

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