Veridium Secures National Bank of Egypt as Newest Customer: Revolutionizing Workforce Authentication for 24,000 Users with Cutting-Edge, Phishing-Resistant Passwordless Solutions

Veridium, the leading provider of biometric passwordless authentication, is excited to announce the signing of National Bank of Egypt, a prominent financial institution, as our newest customer for passwordless authentication of their workforce of 24,000 users.  

We are proud of our sales and engineering teams to win this opportunity after being shortlisted against RSA Security and BIO-key. 

This strategic partnership underscores our commitment to safeguarding the digital banking ecosystem and highlights the growing trust in our cutting-edge authentication solutions. By incorporating Veridium’s phishing resistant passwordless authentication technologies, National Bank of Egypt is able to remove the human factor from the authentication process and deliver a seamless and secure experience to its workforce while mitigating ransomware risks and addressing the ever-evolving cyber threats. We are honored to have National Bank of Egypt as a part of our client portfolio and are committed to providing unparalleled security and support to ensure the ongoing success of our partnership.

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